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Oklahoma AgCredit is part of the Farm Credit System that supports rural communities and agriculture with reliable and consistent credit today and tomorrow.

We provide loans, leases and financial services to farmers, ranchers and rural businesses and homeowners in 60 counties in Oklahoma. This focus on agriculture and rural America is the reason Farm Credit was created 100 years ago. To learn more about Farm Credit’s mission to fund food, fuel and fiber, while supporting the thriving rural communities America’s farmers call home, visit FarmCredit100.com.

Our Cooperative Structure

Oklahoma AgCredit is a cooperative, owned by the members we serve. Each year our Board of Directors commit to return a patronage to our member-owners. A patronage refund is a way of distributing profits to members and effectively reduces members cost of borrowing. Oklahoma AgCredit is proud to offer our borrowers a strong, stable patronage program. Oklahoma AgCredit's predecessors, Farm Credit of East Central Oklahoma and Chisholm Trail Farm Credit, have returned more than $47 million to members since 1997.

Board members are elected by ballot vote; one vote per member. Additional directors are appointed by the Board to serve as Appointed Directors.

CoBank, Our Funding Bank

Unlike commercial banks, Farm Credit associations do not take deposits. Money is raised by selling system-wide bonds on Wall Street. Proceeds are channeled through Farm Credit banks and associations to agricultural producers and cooperatives. Because the Farm Credit System has strong investor appeal and large volume of funds raised, Farm Credit associations are able to offer competitive interest rates and unlimited amounts of capital to the agriculture and rural communities.

Financing Rural Oklahoma

Oklahoma AgCredit has a large footprint, serving 60 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties. Corporate headquarters are in Broken Arrow. While our footprint is large, our offices and management are local - branch offices are listed on the Locations page. Our loan officers can meet you at a location convenient to you by appointment and each loan officer maintains a weekly contact point to be more accessible to you.

Backed by the Farm Credit System

Farm Credit organizations provide more than $217 billion in loans, leases, and related services, which is more than a third of the credit needed by US agriculture. This capital helps nearly 500,000 borrower-owners plant and nurture seeds, purchase and care for livestock, buy land and equipment like harvesters and combines, build barns and milking parlors, and expand storage, packing and processing facilities. Farm Credit capital also finances agricultural cooperatives, communications, electric, power and water providers deliver essential infrastructure services to America's rural communities.

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